pandemic notices

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The Hall has now a restricted opening following COVID-19 precautions guidance as set out by the Government. We are publishing the latest Risk Assesment from the link on the corner of the page. Masks, social distancing and the Test and Trace app. all apply.

The Bosbury Food Bank is operating every Tuesday afternoon and proving a useful facility for the village and the Post Office facility is open on the same afternoon. This will be useful for sending Christmas parcels avoiding going to the busy Ledbury Post Office. The details below remind you of some of the things to look forward to. The Committee hopes that all our Hall users and the wider community keep safe.

Regular Events at the Hall (for the future).


In the past we hosted a monthly Farmers Market and Coffee Morning with a range of good food stalls with seasonal produce, Fairtrade items and refreshments with tea, coffee and soft drinks being served. We are not sure when this will be opening again.


You local film theatre is Bosbury Flicks in the Sticks which has begun showing monthly films on the big screen to a restricted audience. There is a hearing loop at the Hall available as needed. We have links with the popular Borderlines Film Festival.

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The Pilates group at the Parish Hall may be able hold it’s weekly class on a Monday morning circumstances permitting.

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The Post Office sets up in the foyer of the Parish Hall every Tuesday from 3pm to 4.45pm.

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The Hereford Ringcraft Club has held weekly dog training classes at the Hall. Ringcraft clubs work in association with the Kennel Club and give owners the opportunity to meet on a regular basis and get great enjoyment from training their dogs. Their local contact is Allan Clarke on 07817 411643.

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The Bosbury Scouts hope to return to regular weekly meetings of the Beavers and Cubs in term time subject to satisfactory risk assessment.

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Bosbury WI has previously met monthly at the Hall on the second Thursday of the month and always welcomed visitors and new members. The situation regarding meetings is currently under review. Meetings would usually be advertised on the notice board at the front of the Hall by the roadside.

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Bosbury Food Bank is open in the Hall from 1.30pm to 4pm every Tuesday afternoon. This is a sub-branch of the Ledbury Food Bank and at present it is only able to offer non-perishable food and no fresh food will be available. If you are unable to get to Ledbury please do use the new facility in Bosbury.

If you are enquiring about hall events, you can get more information by calling the Hall Booking Secretary on 01531-640828. Event dates are usually given on the Bosbury and Coddington Parish website.